While working, my mind wandered to Siwon (shamelessly admitting daydreaming) and instead of typing in some serious request to Google, instead I typed “Super Junior Siwon.” At least my mental wanderings have focus, I think. So of course, I fell into the fanciful, fashionable, birthday cake-ridden Twitter of Siwon. Because what else would happen on a Monday afternoon (pre-evening?) at 5:00 pm? Upon surfing the images, I was curiously met with the realization that Siwon’s entire look—nay, entire personage and aura—changes so completely depending on the occasion or location he happens to be inhabiting. He’s like a K-Pop Mystique. Let’s take a look at all of the different Siwons that have appeared on Twitter over the past few months—each one more amazing than the last.


James Bond Siwon


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In London (if you need proof, that Toni & Guy storefront is all you need), he rocks the beard and bespoke suit with eyes that say, “Siwon. Choi Siwon.” Stubbly, masculine, growl-worthy, prowling the streets of central London like he owns the place. But even more curious—Paris Siwon.

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Beauty(?) and the Beast …genderbend XD!

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Such a sweet collection of gifs!

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Doctor Who dictionary

Mickey Smith /ˈmɪkiˈsmɪθ/: Human. Married to Martha Jones. Travelled through time and space with the Doctor and Rose Tyler in a type-40 TARDIS. Lived several years in an alternate universe’s planet Earth, known as Pete’s World. Later came back to his original universe where he started working as a freelance alien-fighter with his wife, becoming a defender of two Earths.

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Stop rummaging in my mind!

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